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Principal Welcome Message


The CEAT Rugeley Academies are in their third year of operation and much has changed. The most important fact is the academic success of our students has continued to improve. Fair Oak is the second most improved secondary school in Staffordshire. Hagley Park is the third most improved secondary school in Staffordshire. Rugeley Sixth Form Academy has also improved, its ‘A’ level results are very good. Every student who left last year went to the university of their choice.

Over the last year, over £1 million has been spent on improvements to the buildings. These included new roofs and windows as well as internal decorations improving the lighting and general appearance inside the classrooms. A really big change happened last summer when we made the decision to relocate the Sixth Form Academy from the old Aelfgar site to new accommodation on the Hagley Park site. We also decided to make it an academic sixth form concentrating on the things we do best, excellent delivery of traditional and challenging ‘A’ level courses with the ambition to send Rugeley students to the best British universities.

One of the unique features of the Academies is the Key Stage Three Design programme. It combines a strong conceptual framework with practical skills. Six Key Concepts are the foundation for all the Design projects: Structure, Pattern, Fabrication, Meaning, Performance and Human Interaction. As well as underpinning the teaching and learning of Design, the Key Concepts allow meaningful connections to be made with other subjects in the curriculum. If you would like to find out more about the Design curriculum please visit the CEAT website: www.creativeeducationacademies.org.uk

CEAT is a small but successful academy chain, one of the few that is being allowed to grow by the Department Of Education, recognising the success of the existing academies which include Rugeley. One of the benefits of belonging to CEAT is access to professional people of a high calibre; designers, musicians, authors and many others. We also have inter academy events such as Sports Days, Musical Performances and Days of Service. Our students really benefit from these occasions and enjoy working with students from Stoke, Coventry and Northampton.

The Rugeley Academies aim to develop good citizens of the future; to be creative, thoughtful and considerate. We aim to support every child. Those who have learning difficulties are just as important as those who are ‘high fliers’ academically. Our data shows that all students make really good progress, more progress than if they had attended many other schools in the local area. We are proud of their achievements and proud that they leave us well prepared for adult life.

Mr D Powell

Principal - Rugeley Academies