Welcome to the Rugeley Academies

I am both delighted and proud to be the Principal of these Academies and to be leading it through an incredibly important period in its life.

This is a truly exciting time for the community of Rugeley. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, starting right now, to re-write our future and the young people at the Rugeley Academies, supported by our sponsor Creative Education Trust, who are central to that vision.

Children are natural optimists. It is my mission to maintain that optimism throughout their time at the Rugeley Academies and into their working lives. How will we do this?

  • By nurturing a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge
  • By expecting more of our students in their work, appearance, courtesy and behaviour
  • By offering new chances to succeed in ways they never previously thought possibly
  • By promoting understanding and respect the values of the academies: determination, ambition, respect and trust.

I passionately believe that there is no limit to what a young person can achieve if they are given the right levels of encouragement and high quality learning opportunities.  This is exactly what I want for every student as they go through the Academies.

Mr C Keen Principal – Rugeley Academies